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"Adult Education and Development"

Issues relating to practice, new research findings about adult education and documentations
such as:

  • Literacy and basic education
  • Adult education and participation
  • Media and materials
  • Environmental education and agriculture
  • Combating poverty and development of livelihood strategies
  • Vocational training and continuing education
  • Health education and AIDS
  • Adult education policy and financing
  • Migration and integration
  • Education specifically for women or men

Target group:
Middle-level adult educators in Africa, Asia and Latin America concerned with teaching, organization and administration. Also researchers and specialists in neighbouring fields such as health education, agriculture and community development.

Frequency of publication:
Once yearly, free of charge

English, French, Spanish

10,000 copies

In over 160 countries


Johanni Larjanko

Managing Editor:
Ruth Sarrazin

Editorial Board:
Carole Avande Houndjo (Pamoja Westafrica)
Sturla Bjerkaker (ICAE)
Nélida Céspedes Rossel (CEAAL)
Uwe Gartenschlaeger (DVV International)
Per Paludan Hansen (EAEA)
Heribert Hinzen (DVV International South and Southeast Asia Regional Office)
Timothy Ireland (Federal University of Paraiba)
Steffi Robak (University of Hannover)
Rabab Tamish (Bethlehem University)
Medha Soni (ASPBAE)


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